FI Solutions

The financial messaging solution from Tekplay is a high-performing financial messaging centre that provides continuous connection to a wide range of financial messaging networks. Financial Messaging Gateway (FMG) is a middleware solution that enables exchange of financial data/messages from internal/external applications and systems using common messaging standards/formats/protocols through secure channel. Tekplay offers financial solutions using FIG Switch, Remote Banking and Electronic Know Your Customer (e-KYC).

FIG Switch and Remote Banking: Smart Connect™ is a comprehensive solution providing secured end-to-end remote banking service using tablet /mobile phone/ POS device with real-time integration to Core Banking System (CBS) by combining innovative technologies with regular banking essentialities. Smart Connect™ is integrated with CBS and NPCI for AEPS transactions. It has built-in capability to carry out fingerprint de-duplication and fingerprint authentication during online transactions.

Customer KYC enrolment


Customer account creation
Multiple banking products
Central biometric authentication
Built-in transaction reversal mechanism
Smart Card/Magnetic stripe card enabled


Reduce load on CBS in terms of concurrent connections, transaction validation and routing
Enable Bank to provide full product offering to rural customers
Cash disbursement made easy
Daily transaction reconciliation with BCAs and CBS saves time

e-KYC : e-KYC is an innovative solution that enables customers to complete the Know Your Customer process electronically with direct authorization by the residents. The core idea of the e-KYC Aadhaar service is to provide individuals to authorise service providers to receive electronic copy of identity proof and address. Tekplay provides real time solutions and services.